Bridge of Peace School – A Path from Refugee Camp to Permanent Village

CHILDREN SHOOTING V SIGNThe Bridge of Peace School project is the third piece of a larger vision that will support small refugee camps in northern Syria. The first of these projects was the completion of a well water drinking system that has brought safe, clean drinking water to 1500 refugees at the Al Waleed Camp and has thereby enabled us to provide running water for the building of fourteen one-room houses and now the school.

Built at the convergence of three camps, Al Waleed, Sahl Algaab and Gorba Watan with a total population of 3,800 people, it will serve initially as an education hub for approximately 120 children to start, allowing for room to grow so that hundreds more children will later be able attend.

The school will be the first component of a much larger project that will eventually transform what are now a series of transient refugee camps into a more permanent community village as sadly, residents of these camps have no homes to return to. Future components of this vision could include rehabilitations of well water systems, the construction of a medical clinic and even private entrepreneurial ventures such as small shops.

The Bridge of Peace School will encompass 500 sq. Meters (5,303 sq. Ft.) that  includes four enclosed class rooms, a small administration room, an outdoor entertainment area equipped with benches for seating, and a public address system for performances.  In addition, a cemented playground area will be constructed and equipped with swings, jungle gyms, volleyball / basketball /soccer area and associated sports items.  Included is basic landscaping.  For security, the entire school will be surrounded by a perimeter fence made of cement with a main entry door.

Each classroom will initially be supplied with large dry erase boards, books, paper, notebooks, pens / pencils / erasers for older students and crayons, clay, craft paper, glue, scissors and other art supplies for the younger students.  There will also be a school computer and projector for educational purposes.  A small generator or solar system will be purchased to supply electricity for lighting and other low intensity electrical needs.

SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION CREWThe Bridge of Peace School is being implemented in two phases, the first being the hard construction costs, wood stoves for heating, toilets, floor coverings, rent for the land and the equipping for educational and administrative needs.  The second phase includes the construction and equipping of the playground and entertainment area.

PHASE I:                                   $  6,090.00

PHASEII:                                   $  4,300.00

TOTAL COST:                        $10,390.00

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