“You Don’t Miss Your Water Until Your Well Runs Dry…” Supplying 1500 refugees with safe water is the most beneficial project we have undertaken so far.

UPDATE:  The Water 4 Life Project in Al Waleed was successfully completed on December 10, 2015 and the water is flowing with 23 dual tap stands supplying 1500 refugees with safe, clean drinking water!

FullSizeRender (51)Imagine your life with little access to water.  This is the reality for nearly 1500 residents at the Al Walid Refugee Camp in northern Syria where there is a dangerous shortage of this life-giving resource-water.  The Al Walid refugee camp was established two years ago, 50 kilometers from the Turkish border.  It’s located on private land in a 25 year old olive grove that sits atop an abundant aquafer.  The well system that was used for irrigation of the olive grove broke down and, because of the war, was never repaired.

Rehabilitating the Old Well Will Provide Abundant Water                                            Up until now, residents of the camp were pooling what little monies they had to hire water trucks to make regular deliveries, providing each family with a meager supply of potable water for drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning. FullSizeRender (50) As ISIS has cut off the fuel supply, the water trucks are no longer able to make deliveries.  Families have to search out any available water sources, potable or not, to try and meet a fraction of their daily needs.  As a result, the spread of disease and sickness is now on the rise.  An abundant, safe water supply for nearly 1500 refugees is critical to make life more livable and to prevent the spread of waterborne bacteria.

IMG_9576Bridge of Peace Syria has volunteered to take on the job of restoring the well!       Helping to build potable water systems is something Bridge of Peace knows how to do.  Beginning in 1987, we dedicated ourselves to building potable water systems in rural, war-torn communities in Nicaragua that served to drastically reduce the rate of infant mortality during the­­­­­­­ Contra War.  The situation of the refugees today in Al Walid is not too different.

With the cost of water at 1/4 cent per gallon per person, it is the most cost effective project that Bridge of Peace Syria has ever undertaken!

Just imagine, this gift of “Water for Life” that will satisfy the water needs for all the families at Al Walid Refugee Camp.FullSizeRender (52) In addition, there will be enough water to sell to neighboring camps, providing extra income so that Al Walid can operate and maintain its well and also fund other infrastructure needs of the camp.

As the world finally reaches out to assist Syrian refugees who flee to Europe for safety, here is an opportunity for you to help those that have been left behind in Syria, caught-up in the brutal war. 

Bridge of Peace Syria has already raised $2,800 that is earmarked for this project.  Together we can get clean water flowing again in the Al Walid Refugee Camp.  It is so easy to help!  Just click HERE to donate.IMG_9610

WATER FOR LIFE – BASIC PROJECT OUTLINE:                                                       1.     Clean the existing well of mud and debris.                                                               2.     Purchase and install electrical generator                                                                   3.     Purchase a heavy-duty water pump with flex pipe and install in well with crane                     to a depth of 185 meters (approximately 550 feet).                                                         4.     Purchase materials of stone and cement to construct holding tank (water reservoir)   5.      Dig ditch 130 yards long and lay galvanized pipe alongside main road for water                    distribution.                                                                                                               6.     Build 20 tap stands with faucets for access by residents to fill buckets and                           containers.

THE WATER FOR LIFE –  PROJECTED PROJECT COSTS:                        ·       Electrical Generator                                         $2,700                                             ·       Water Pump   (submersible)                              2,500                                                  ·       Flex Pipe, Tubes and Links                                  400                                            ·       Drilling and Installation Kits                                   250                                             ·       Crane Rental to sink Pump & Pipes                     250                                           ·       Cleaning of Well from Mud and Debris                 400                                       ·       Construction Material for Holding Tank                800                                                          (stone and cement)                                                                                                    ·       Fuel to Operate Electrical Generator                 1,400  (per year)                       ·       Galvanized Pipe for Water Delivery                   1,000                                         ·       Faucets and Fittings for Holding Tank                   300                                              ·       Tap Stands with Faucets for Water Distribution    500                                      ·       Specialist Contractor Fee                                       500                                       ·       Contract Labor                                                        500                                          ·       Project Manager Fee upon completion                   500                                             (overseer of project from start to finish)                                                                        TOTAL COSTS:                                             $12,000

12FullSizeRender (53)IMG_9579


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