Moadamiyeh: A city in Syria under Siege




With barrel bombs, missile, artillery and sniper attacks from the Assad regime that have pounded the city of Moadamiyeh, a suburb of Damascus, life is unimaginably hard and dangerous.

IMG_5128In addition, in August of 2013, the regime attacked the city with Sarin gas, a lethal chemical weapon that killed innocent civilians, including children.IMG_5123

But, if that were not enough, the city has been under siege since 2012.  To besiege a city is a barbaric, ancient weapon of war, it is a way to starve the populous into submission. The method is to surround a city with armed checkpoints and not let anything or anyone either come in or go out of the city without authorization; no food, water, medical supplies, gas, fuel, electricity etc.  So, even though there is an abundance of food and supplies just minutes away from the besieged area, inside people are literally starving to death…such is the dire situation in Moadamiyeh.IMG_4743

We, at Bridge of Peace Syria, have been getting regular reports of the conditions in this city for nearly a year from a trusted source describing unbearable conditions, from children that are going hungry every day to freezing conditions in winter with no heat and the extreme scarcity of water and electricity. IMG_4733 We were recently made aware of a small pre-school that is only for  Martyr families – (those who have lost a father or mother) consisting of 150 children with 15 teachers.  IMG_5085The children receive cow’s milk daily but the ration is small because of its scarcity, all families in Moadamiyeh count on it to feed their hungry children.  There are ways to obtain food if there is money to pay for it….so we decided to get involved.IMG_5124


IMG_5083 (1)Bridge of Peace Syria is now dedicating a portion of funds to help feed these children. We have just made funds available for the purchase of rice, vegetables, legumes and other staples that will begin to re-nourish these little ones, the most vulnerable who are suffering greatly from the war.  Below is a report from our person on the ground in Moadamiyeh describing the conditions in Moadamiyeh and the daily hardships of the people that live there.


“Moadamiyeh has lost more than 80% of its infrastructure.. 30% of the buildings are completely destroyed.. The rest are partly destroyed, all because of shelling … No Gas, gasoline or benze ..No electricity since 2012.. No land phones since 2013 .. No regular water since 2012.. All official schools were partly or completely destroyed.  The population was more than 90,000 before the siege was imposed.. During the siege, it dramatically dropped to 12,000. After a fake truce, thousands returned to the city , the number became 44,000, this includes 15,000 children.IMG_4728

Everything was available , food i mean, after UN made it into Moadamiyeh on July 14th 2014, even though what they brought with them was not at all enough for 30,000 civilians at that time, but after a month of that date, the regime blocked the only way out/in preventing anyone from bringing anything with them, even a biscuit.  And, at the check points the shabeeha (armed militia that do Assad’s bidding) take every slightest thing that is with the people returning to Moadamiyeh. Since then,shops were closed because there was nothing left to sell.. And what is available food these days are cow or sheep milk, beans and some kinds of vegetables .. Very few people still have a little sugar, rice or other staples. IMG_5081 But the rest of people don’t have anything but herbs to feed their kids.  Currently, there are 2,600 families in urgent need, 1,700 are “Martyr” families and 900 are “detainee” families; last month four children died due to lack of medicine and malnutrition.”

As Bridge of Peace Syria extends its aid to these children in Moadamiyeh, just one of the many besieged cities in Syria, we ask you to open your hearts to them.  Please donate to this worthy cause so these children can eat. Please make a donation by clicking HERE.

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