Syrian Women and Children Matter!

11060261_367864756730397_1070289620256491368_nA very special party was given by Bridge Of Peace Syria at the Sham Association Center for Orphans and Families of Martyrs to honor the sacrifices they made and to bring a little joy into their lives. Food – Fun – Face Paintings and Special Gifts for All.
11099994_366855776831295_6283516843192368850_nEvery woman that was invited received a beautiful New Dress and each child walked away with their face painted and a little gift from the toy bag that was sent by BOPS board member, Jan Rosa Lee from England.

11075139_367864773397062_8750448602957433792_nThe Sham Association Center supports education and offers job opportunities for war widows.  Thirty two children regularly attend the Kindergarten and some of the mothers help with Arts and Crafts Projects. There is also a sewing room with four sewing machines where women can work and makes a little money to help feed their families. It’s a place of support and refuge.

11107365_366855746831298_1949623528627063228_nHonoring the women (mothers) is so important.  Because our primary focus has been on feeding and clothing children to help them through the cold winter months, their mothers often had to take a backseat, were overlooked or taken for granted, but not forgotten.  So, in a separated event, Bridge of Peace Syria staged a Special Party Event to honor the Women, especially the ones who lost their husbands because of Bomb Attacks, Fighting, Forced disappearances or Torture. Some of these women have part-time jobs in a small clothing factory in Antakya which helps feed their families.

11066535_367782420071964_4763072331697710675_nTamer invited 50 women and his team helped prepare a lovely festive environment with food and beverage and as a special gesture each women was supposed to be presented with a beautiful new dress. Well, as it turned out, word about the party spread fast and 150 women showed up. Quickly more food and beverages were purchased so there was enough for all. The party was a big success and 50 women walked away with a new dress.

Thank you to all who donated to help make this possible!  And thank you Tamer for your dedicated service to Syrian Women and Children in Need.  You are our hero😇



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