Knitters in the U.K. Are Loving the Children in Syria

unnamed (3)The “Caring Hands”, an established knitting group in the little village of Melbourne, Derbyshire that knits and donates their creations to many charities, is now putting their needles into action for Bridge of Peace Syria.  Board member, Jan Rosa Lee after being invited to make a presentation by ANGELAReverend Angela Plummer who organizes the group of 38 knitters, was pleased to meet the ladies behind the knitting needles.  Jan shared with them her photographs of the work she did in Reyhanli, Turkey with Tamer Altaiar, Director of Middle East Operations for Bridge of Peace Syria.  She also shared the work we do at the Al Waleed refugee camp inside Syria, especially our assistance to provide baby milk and clothing for the newly arrived infants.

unnamed (1)After that part of the presentation, in a lovely light-filled room overlooking a lake, or the “pool” as they call it, the ladies began chatting and knitting away.  The group, consisting of women between the ages of 50-90, began knitting heart-felt creations ranging from hats for premature infants and small teddy bears to beautiful cardigans and jumpers for babies and children of all ages.  EDNAJan said that one of her favorite ladies was 88 year old Edna whose sweet smile and generosity of donating ten pounds to help with the postage made the event extra special.

Before the afternoon was over, Jan shared her personal story about her connection to Syria and felt a very warm and caring response that was articulated by a presentation to her of beautiful flowers that were as bright and cheering as the two big bags of knitted gifts with more promised.

JAN FLOWERSThese hand-knitted “care packages” will soon be sent to Tamer for distribution that will be added to the delivery of urgently needed baby milk, food, fuel and other items to help children and families get through the rest of the winter.  “Caring Hands” ladies in the U.K. rock!





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