Food Boxes to Feed Hungry Children

BOXES2The need for food security in Syrian Refugee Camps is urgent.  So, Bridge of Peace Syria has created a Food Box Package designed to contain approximately 20 kilos (44 pounds) of food staples to help the women of families living in Al Waleed and other refugee encampments provide meals with basic nourishment.  BOXES1Each box contains most of what the average family needs for daily cooking including rice, bulgar, red and yellow lentils, sunflower oil, spaghetti, flour, potatoes, onions, sugar, spices and other assorted essentials.

BOXESThis pilot program will consist of approximately 55 boxes to start at a total cost $2,750 plus $150 for truck rental.  Many families in the refugee camps that we are in touch with have little or no access to enough food to keep their families fed and healthy.  Bridge of Peace Syria is a small N.G.O. that is able to service these smaller encampments that are either out of the way or are too dangerous for the UN or other large organizations to serve.  We ask that you be as generous as you can and donate in support of this worthwhile project to feed hungry refugee families inside Syria.

Also, we ask that you visit our Facebook page and invite your friends to LIKE us.  Please click HERE...  The world needs to hear more good news!



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