One Woman’s Journey to Help Feed Children and Save Lives

AYSHAH PRAYER MATAyshah Mansouri has made a very generous donation to Bridge of Peace Syria for the work we are doing to help the 700+ children, women and families living in the Refugee Camp of Al Waleed in northern Syria.

Ms. Mansouri, a retired elementary and kindergarten school teacher, lives in Argentina and has been following the “Arabic Spring” since 2011.  A little over a year ago she got to know a Syrian boy who was living in Turkey.  Like so many Syrian children, his life was filled with suffering. He would call her mom and feeling like a son to her she would help ease his sadness by engaging him in positive conversations, like football, to take his mind away from the tragedy that has befallen him and so many other children in Syria. AYSHAH STANDING

“When you get to know someone and are able to put a face on a crisis it becomes personally very real,” she said.  This was certainly her case and she wanted to help more.  For months she had been following Bridge of Peace Syria posts with Tamer and felt that the best way to help was to send money; but how?  Argentina has a repressive government with strict banking rules where, according to Ayshah, “buying dollars cost twice the official market price and in addition, the government would take 35% of what I would send.  In addition, to transfer money here by Western Union could cost up to $500.

AYSHAH BLACKSo Ayshah Mansouri decided on a better plan.  She left her house, got on a bus, then onto a subway that arrived at a port where she was able to purchase passage on a ship that took her to the neighboring country of Uruguay.  In Uruguay she was able to send her donation via Western Union for only $50 which was equal to the cost of her travel.  So, for a total cost of $100 she was able to send her urgently needed and very substantial donation.

We so much admire Ms. Mansouri for her dedication, tenacity, creativity and most importantly, her deep, heart-felt caring for the suffering of children halfway around the world.  We thank you Ayshah with all our heart!

Hamsa – Moshe – Jan – Tamer,

Bridge of Peace Syria



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