2015: Winter, Fighting and Hope for Help

syria #4It is now 2015 and the New Year in Syria is being met by a plethora of severe winter weather compounded by intensified fighting around Aleppo and northern Syria.  Flooding caused by incessant rains, turning refugee camps like Al Waleed into mud holes has been followed now by arctic blasts of cold temperatures.  Adults are busy trying to create dry spots in their tents for their children to bed down at night as they also huddle around heat sources now to try and stave off frost bite.

Because of weather conditions, bomb attacks and faction warfare there has been aSYRIA#1 renewed stream of refugees trying to cross the border into Turkey.  Tamer spent the best part of yesterday, January 5th trying to help many who have fled, he saw one child who had frozen to death in the process.

As there are still two months ahead of severe winter weather coupled with no estimation as to what fighting in the region awaits, refugees at Al Waleed and other camps are SYRIA#2hunkering down and hoping for aid to reach them.  The United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR reports  “With no political solution in sight and military confrontation continuing, the number of people affected by internal conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic (Syria) is likely to increase in 2015.  The likely ongoing destruction of infrastructure, along with shifting conflict lines and high levels of insecurity and violence, continue to restrict humanitarian access. The delivery of basic services in many parts of the country has also been affected, reducing or severely damagingSyrians’ livelihoods. The scale of destruction of homes and livelihoods presents a major obstacle to return and reintegration efforts.”… http://www.unhcr.org/pages/49e486a76.html.

Bridge of Peace Syria, along with other small, non-profit humanitarian aid SYRIA#3organizations are trying daily to breach the gap by continuing to deliver needed food, blankets and clothing to those awaiting help.  All donations to Bridge of Peace Syria are gratefully appreciated.  Bit/ly/BOPSyriaDonate.


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