Steve & Burnetta – An Inspiration To Us All

SPOONSSteve Holst and Burnetta Hintertheur are good friends and inspire us daily as they continuously find new ways to open their hearts and exercise their compassion.  Besides generously donating personal money to Bridge of Peace Syria, they are using their interests and hobbies as creative ways to fundraise for the holidays and further give to our organization.

Steve and Brunetta are doing something that each of us can do this holiday season. 

CARDSInstead of gift giving, they are asking all of their family and friends to make donation checks payable to Bridge of Peace Syria in their name.  For example, instead of giving a gift to someone you can make a donation in their name and send them a card.  Burnetta and Steve are also sponsoring a community party with a theme of holiday spirit and gift-giving to our organization.

Steve, besides owning an asphalt striping business, is also a comedian, artist and PIANOpremier craftsman.  Burnetta has been a teacher of Botany, is a singer-song writer and has been our most ardent supporter with comments on Facebook.  She has put together an ensemble that performed and helped raise money at an event where Steve was a featured stand-up comic.  They both have booked engagements at local churches and organizations where they will be making short presentations and asking for donations to help support the work of Bridge of Peace.

Steve, as part of his artistry, infuses his comic talent into hilarious post card visuals with poetic humor; he also creates fine art cards that he paints.  He has put together a collection of his post cards and has offered them for sale as a package of gift-giving.  ­­Steve jokingly says, “We’re trying to help refugee children in Syria.  If we’re doing it, how hard could it be”?

SPOONS2In addition to his post card art Steve designs and crafts exquisite wooden spoons for sale made of select hardwood harvested here in the Ozark Mountains.  In a small shop attached to his house he first creates a pencil or charcoal drawing of the design and then begins to carve it out of the wood with both hand and SHOPpower tools.  Once a rough cut is made he further shapes and finely polishes the wood into a finished product.

Steve and Burnetta continue to inspire us and many others in Northwest Arkansas with outpouring of generosity and credo of “giving back”.  We are so fortunate to have such caring and creative friends who have opened their hearts to children in Syria who have suffered so much, ask for so little and still have smiles on their faces.  Thank you Steve and Burnetta.  You are an inspiration to us all!




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