Help Is On The Way

BLANKETSToday Tamer travels back across the border into Syria to purchase the 300 thick blankets necessary to help keep children in the Al Waleed refugee camp from freezing in the frigid night temperatures that are now commonplace in northern Syria as winter is setting in.  Two people from the camp will help load the truck we have hired. The blankets should arrive at the camp tomorrow or the next day, November 20th or 21st.  These life-saving blankets are arriving at just the right time as the small camp of Al Waleed hunkers down for what may be an extremely harsh winter.

“Humanitarian needs have steeply increased SYRIAN REFUGEE POPULATION GRAPHICduring the last months as a result of the intensification of fighting in Syria. Security has deteriorated significantly in the first quarter of 2014 with no immediate prospects for a military or political solution. Widespread-violence and instability is expected to persist if not increase.

In Syria, it is estimated that the number of people in need (PIN) has increased by 1.6 million people since the beginning of the year, representing a total of 10.8 million people in need of urgent humanitarian assistance (59% of the Syrian population).  More than 6.4 million people are now internally displaced”  European Commission – Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection.

The commission goes on to report that hard to reach areas are especially in need of humanitarian support which is why the work that Bridge of Peace Syria is accomplishing with Tamer is dire.

JACKETSWhile in Syria, Tamer will make the first installment purchase of warm jackets, shoes, socks, hats and gloves.  He will buy as much as we are able to afford with the limited funds we have left after the purchase of the blankets.  Our estimate is that we still will need another $2,000 in order to purchase the amount of clothing necessary to help keep the children most vulnerable from freezing temperatures.  Once we are able to help stabilize the situation for the children we can begin to address other needs in Al Waleed such as infant formula, powdered milk and other food staples to help this small population of refugees make it through another winter.

With a combination of financial generosity from many people and the courageous effortsGirl in Tent of Tamer who ritually risks his life to travel where there is no other humanitarian aid available, we are able to make a small but powerful difference in the crisis that has befallen innocents in  Syria.  We offer you an opportunity to be part of this effort that means the world to every child we are able to help.  You can make a donation online via PayPal with a credit or debit card or Paypal account or, by sending a check to Bridge of Peace Syria, PO Box 3133 Fayetteville, AR 72702-3133 USA. Thank you!

These children have suffered so much but together we can help them get through the cold weather and eventually to a Free Syria. Let’s do this!


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