Living in Al Waleed

Living in Al Waleed

unnamed (1)Living conditions are barely basic in the Al Waleed refugee camp in northern Syria. One hundred and four families live in just 90 thin plastic tents with dirt for a floor and no heating; a serious issue with the winter fast approaching. unnamed (6)Sanitation is also a challenge as these nearly 700 people share only 19 make-shift latrines. Currently Tamer is sourcing-out thick blankets for the 300 children in the camp to keep them warm as temperatures will soon drop below freezing. We need to raise $3000 – $4,000 in order to purchase these blankets. Now is the time we need your donation to help get these kids through the winter ahead. To donate on-line please click the DONATE BUTTON. Or, please send a check to Bridge of Peace Syria, PO Box 3133 Fayetteville, AR 72702-3133 U.S.A. To see more photos taken of Al Waleed please visit the photo gallery. Thank you!

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