Refugee Schools Project – Bridge of Peace Syria and Free Syria Agency for Rescue

Bridge of Peace Syria, Tamer Altaiar, in concert with Free Syria Agency for Rescue Mohamad Moustaffa, MOUSTAFFA & TAMERvisited three different schools in the area of Antakya and the border city of Kirikhan.  We helped supply the schools with books, notebooks, pencils, pencil sharpeners, and other school supplies most needed now for the beginning of their school year. For children to attend school after being traumatizBOYS WITH APPLES1ed by the war brings an important sense of normalcy back into their lives.  Also, the first day of school, in many cultures, is a celebratory day for the students where traditionally they receive tasty foods and treats.  So, in addition, Bridge of Peace Syria supplied hundreds of students with apples, little chocolates and yummy delights to brighten their first day and make it special.

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