Eid Mubarak – Bringing Smiles to Children’s Faces

SOME OF THE WORK WE HAVE DONE in October was for refugee children who have unnamed (13)fled the war in Syria and had crossed into Turkey, trying to escape from the horror of constant bomb attacks by the Assad regime and / or other extremist groups.  Our focus in Turkey was due to air strikes that had intensified fighting along the border crossings into Syria making it difficult and more dangerous to supply food and other life essentials to villages there.

Bridge of Peace Syria teamed efforts with Free Syria Agency for Rescue to take advantage of the Eid Mubarak holiday where Muslims traditionally show gratitude and thanks, often with gifting those less fortunate, particularly children.   Together, we funded an afternoon dedicated to over 90 orphan children.  NEID MUBARAKothing could have been greater than to put smiles on children’s faces, something that games, theater, clowns, face painting and treats are able to create. Chocolates, teddy bears and other gifts were distributed to create a special day for these children who have suffered so much, giving them a fun, carefree experience, even if just for an afternoon.

Click Here to See More Photos of Beautiful Children

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